How To Make A Ballet Slipper Bag

For the last two years my daughter has been carrying her ballet shoes around in the plastic drawstring bag they came in – it’s starting to look very battered so I decided they need a prettier mode of transport! This is a really quick and easy method for sewing a sweet fabric drawstring bag and […]

Hanging & Dressing Curtains

At C & H we emphasise the importance of hanging and dressing curtains properly, to ensure that the best finish is achieved. However many people are unsure of what it is we mean by ‘hang and dress’. Here I will explain the benefits of finishing curtains off properly, for example adding weights, and how to make them look their […]

How To Make….A Tote Bag with Plaited Handles

Aah, the humble tote bag! Practical, dependable, robust….and essential in the days of the carrier bag charge! Use it for shopping, trips to the library, days at the beach – whatever the occasion, a tote bag is a useful item to have around and this tutorial shows you how to make your own. You don’t need a […]