How to Measure Curtain Width

A quick guide on how to measure curtains to help you choose the right size for your home. This is just a guide and you must consider radiators and furniture in the room.

Ready made curtains are usually sold in pairs (unless specified) and sizes are WIDTH X DROP. Measurements are normally in cm. You will need a tape measure that will be long enough to measure your window width & drop.

1. Measure the width (A)

In this section you will see how to measure correctly for your curtains. Whether you are using a metal or wooden curtain pole, use a tape to measure the distance between the finials. Finials are the decorative ends of your curtain pole. Therefore you do not include the finials in your measurement.

But if you have a curtain track rather than a pole, just measure the total length of the track.

This guide is the recommended way to calculate the width for your new curtains.

Generally, a pair of ready made curtains will contain 2 curtains and each will be the width of your pole/track so that each curtain when hung is double the width it need to cover. This achieves a look of a luxurious, full gather.

As packaged ready made curtains are bought in a limited range of sizes, a relaxed (or flatter) gather may suit you (and your pocket!)

2. Measure the drop (B or C)

Before starting, you need to decide where you want your curtains to finish. For floor-length curtains (C), measure from the top of where you want the curtain to finish on your track or below your pole, down to the ground. If your floors are uneven or not on a level, make sure you measure each side of the window and choose the shortest measurement. Either way it is safe to subtract 1 – 2 cm to make sure the bottom of the curtain does not catch the floor. For sill length curtains (B), we suggest either measuring 10 – 15cm below the sill, allowing for attractive hanging at a correct level.

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