Inspiration by Room – Kitchen

Kitchen decor is important not only to make your kitchen accessible and easy to manage but also to make you love your space. We don’t realise how much time we spend here and very often the kitchen is where the heart is. We have everything to get you inspired to add to your kitchen or to completely redecorate it.


Fabrics for the kitchen can breathe new life into your seatings, upholstery or window dressing. Our carefully curated collections mean we have something for everyone, modern, classic, country or contemporary.

From curtains, drapes and blinds, to seat pads, placemats and table runners! Good quality fabric with beautiful print can be used in endless ways in your kitchen. And if you want to create a space to impress, why not create a matching set bespoke just for your kitchen!

Wallpaper & Paint

When it comes to adding colour, pattern and even texture to your home, wallpaper and paint ideas are pretty hard to beat. Whatever your interior style, there’s a design to suit, from bold geo designs to pretty florals and so much in between.

Beautiful touch of stylish colour can make your kitchen feel more modern, while plain, nude and neutral earthy tones can give the space a more sophisticated and natural feel. Don’t forget to also choose an acrylic finish on our paints, to ensure you can clean it anytime dinner gets messy!

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