Shutter features

Shutter Louvre Tilt Systems

However you wish to operate your bespoke shutters, we have a perfect solution that allows you to easily adjust the louvres and allow more or less natural light in. The tilt system allows the louvres to be opened and closed to change light and privacy levels to suit you.

Choose from the following tilt rods and easy tilt solutions:

Centre Tilt Rod
Offset Tilt Rod
Hidden Tilt Rod

Centre Tilt Rod

The tilt rod is attached to the centre of the louvres, enabling you to tilt all the louvres at the same time.

Traditional styling, complements older style homes to add character.

Offset Tilt Rod

Has the same function as the center tilt rod but can be off set to one side.

Can be placed on the hinged side or opening side which works well on shaped shutters.

Hidden Tilt Rod

Adjust the louvres without a visible rod, a small metal bar is attached to the louvres on the back of the shutter panel.

The hidden tilt rod offers the same uncluttered appearance as the easy tilt range but at a price to suit your pocket.

Easy Tilt System

The easy tilt system allows the louvres are tilted by hand. With a gear system built into the panel which links the louvres together, for a sleek style. 

Popular with our tier on tier range of shutters.

Shutter Louvres/Slats

At South East Shutters we can offer three depths of louvres, 64mm, 76mm and 89mm.

Adjustable to give you control of natural light and privacy in your room. Our experts at South East Shutters can provide detailed advice on which size would most suit your room.

View details of the slat sizes below and book a free consultation using the form on this page!

Classic Louvres (64mm)

A traditional choice for any shutter and works well for any room.
This smaller louvres favour privacy over the volume of natural light.
Works well for smaller panels.
In-Vogue Louvres (76mm)

This new addition of a statement medium sized louvre sits between the Classic and Modern.
The medium louvre is a balance between privacy and light.
Fewer slats per panel mean more light and a simpler finish while managing to keep that cosy feel.
Modern Louvres (89mm)

The modern larger slats offer an uncluttered minimalistic look.

Blackout Shutters

Plantation shutters create the perfect blackout solution, featuring minimal natural light bleed.
Take control of the amount of sun light that filters into your space with the fully tilting louvres.

Our Ultimate Blackout Solutions

Our ultimate blackout shutters are crafted with a frame that allows an integrated honeycomb blind to sit behind the shutter panel, providing two layers of blackout protection.

Easy to operate the blinds separately to the shutters.

The blackout blinds are available in two styles and throughout our wooden shutter ranges.

Blackout Shutter Materials

South East Shutters Blackout shutters are available in three wood ranges PinePoplar and Basswood.

Each spray painted for a luxurious finish using the best PU paint finishes for hardwearing use.

Our Shutter Louvres

Featuring overlapping rebated louvres will further improve room darkness, available in our 76mm slat size.

Each louvre is grooved to overlap the next and lay completely flat when closed.

Full Blackout Solution

Our team of experts will take time to discuss and work with you to provide the best blackout solution for your home, please contact one of our team to book a consultation.

Plantation Shutters with Hidden Hinges

Upgrade your shutters to have concealed hinges, creating a modern, clean finish that will make the most of your windows.

Crafted so that the hinge is between the wooden shutter panel and the framework.

Talk to our experts and you can upgrade to hidden hinges with any of our shutters.

Full Height Shutters

Covering your window from top to bottom, these are the most popular style of window shutters, offering you maximum privacy and are designed to match your windows.
Cafe Style Shutters

Offer you privacy without compromising on the natural light coming through your windows, and they can be of any height you wish, they just do not cover the window fully.
Tier on Tier Shutters

Offering you the best of both full height shutters and cafe style shutters, these are made up of a bottom and top tier that can be operated independently to each other.
Solid Panel Shutters

A historic classic, these shutters offer complete privacy and darkness when closed, being best suited to Victorian and Georgian Houses, can nevertheless be used on any window.

Bay Window Shutters

Add a contemporary look to your room with light & space enhanced by our specialist Bay Window shutters.

Our team of experts from the South East Shutters team are happy to measure, advise and fit Bay Window shutters in any colour, shape or size.

Bay Window Shutters Gallery

Our fitting team have the skills and craftsmanship to install the shutters of your choice, if you are unsure please speak to one of our team.

Browse our bay window gallery below for inspiration from shutters that have been fitted in the South East, South West, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire.

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