Shutters – Porchester Range

Portchester Range

Available in a range of popular styles, the Portchester range is designed to fit in with our existing offering, whilst being an intruder-resistant addition to any property.

Carefully crafted in South Africa, where safety is taken very seriously, the shutters are designed to look like any other, with one main distinction, the addition of a lock and key. The patented Italian locking mechanism operates locking bolts which secure both the top and bottom of the shutter panel into the surrounding frame.

Suitable for either indoor or outdoor use, the Portchester range is manufactured from corrosion resistant aluminium, making them a durable and hard-wearing solution for any space. Featuring Silent Tilt (removing the visible tilt rod), creates a sleek design with elegant contours, providing a beautiful alternative to security bars and grilles. If you have suffered a break-in in the past and want to feel more secure in your property, then the Portchester range is the choice for you.

Key features:

  • 89mm louvres
  • Available in satin white, prime white, charcoal, light grey and custom colour
  • Silent tilt – no visible tilt bar
  • Available in hinged, bi-fold and by-pass styles
  • Patented Italian lock
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty (3 year for external shutters)

Suitable for:

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Smaller windows
  • Room dividers
  • Patio or conservatory doors
  • More vulnerable windows

More Information

Light control with our most practical and robust solution

Available in a range of popular styles, with 89mm louvres, and a choice of 4 standard or custom colours, there is a range of options to let Portchester shutters make a real difference in your home, through design as well as durability. Perfect for vulnerable windows, patio or conservatory doors, the hinged, bi-fold and by-pass styles offer something for everyone.

Excellent for light control and privacy as well as being a security product, the Portchester range is so much more than a window covering. Think of them as a stylish security blanket, without having to install heavy traditional security grilles, roller shutters or burglar bars.

Picture an elegant blend between safety and practicality, all wrapped up in the clean, crisp lines of shutters, made-to-measure to match your design ideas and requirements. 

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