How to achieve Instant Blackout Curtains

After another cold and gloomy winter, the longer and brighter days are finally here. Sounds great but not when you’re trying to catch some well-deserved sleep. Sunrise arrives much earlier meaning that unless your windows are sunlight proofed with blackout curtains or blinds, daylight might disturb your sleep and affect your sleeping pattern during the […]

Ten Minute Make….Fabric Flowers

These sweet fabric flowers are so quick and easy to create! They make charming additions to any home or a great, handmade gift for any occasion – Mother’s Day, birthdays, Easter and more.

Making Pom Poms!

Hi, I’m Fuzzie Bro. I’m 9 years old and I’ve started making pom poms. I think it’s fun and a calming thing to do.  It’s not particularly difficult when you know how to do it so I’m going to teach you!

15 Minute Make….Knot Fabric Headband

Do you have remnants of fabric you would love to use, but not quite enough to make a garment from? Read our 15 minute make by Sarah from our head office on how to create a useful and stylish knot fabric headband: I finally completed a long overdue task and sorted out my fabric stash […]

How to Make….A Bridal Veil

Whether your wedding is high glamour or more of a low key vintage affair, a veil is perfect for finishing off your bridal look! Veils can be expensive, so if you are working within a budget, why not try making your own? They are surprisingly easy to create and you can add your own personal touches […]

10 Minute Make….Ribbon Bookmarks

I’m a big reader but do have a tendency to either fold the corner of a page to mark my place or use whatever scrap piece of paper is hanging around in the cavernous depths of my bag! I thought a hand made bookmark would be a good idea and this method has the benefit […]

How To Make..A Fabric Pin Board

A pin board is a great way to stay organised in your home and the perfect place to store invitations, lists, reminders and more! It’s also another way to display photos (especially if, like me, you are starting to run out of space for frames)! This tutorial explains how to take an ordinary notice board […]

Upcycling Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are a timeless seasonal tradition and I’ve put together a few ideas for making use of them after the holidays are over. A quick and easy way to recycle old cards is to make gift tags! All you need are some scissors or pinking shears (these give a prettier finish), a hole punch […]

How To Make….Table Napkins!

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to think about your festive dining table! You can get lots of lovely paper napkins with beautiful seasonal designs, but I think a hand made napkin adds an extra special touch! They are quite easy to make and you will need the following (this will make four […]

Making A Quilt – Part 3

This is it – the final part of Making A Quilt! This is (to me) always the fiddliest bit and I like to take my time to make sure I get it right. It’s the finishing touch to most quilts – adding your binding. I’ve had some help from Miranda at the Eastbourne store with […]