Villa Nova New collection

New collection from Villa Nova, now at Closs & Hamblin

Villa Nova x Kyra Cane

Villa Nova has collaborated with acclaimed potter Kyra Cane to create an awe-inspiring collection of wallcoverings & cushions. This artistic collection has a retrospective and experimental feel, inspired by bold abstract landscapes that capture the uninhibited movement of Kyra Cane’s ceramics. Larger-than-life swirling and dynamic patterns and energetic pastel sketches capture distant horizons that forever immortalise a season, adding an exhilarating feel to the collection. The wallcoverings have simple, yet effective textured surfaces that imitate the tactile and subtle nuances of texture that appear on Kyra’s hand-thrown pots. This abstract range is presented in striking, easy-to-use shades with vital pops of colour enhancing the dynamism and artistic feel of the collection.

Why we love it?

Kyra Cane delivers a truly unique take on home decor, with unexpected and raw designs that look like they were painted on just for you. The collection comes in modern, easy-to-style colours that complement any furniture piece.

New collection from Villa Nova, now at Closs & Hamblin