Autumn Colours for a Cosy Home Decor

The leaves are beginning to change colours, the long nights are drawing in, and the air gets more crispy… Autumn is here. It’s a perfect opportunity to bring rich tones to your home with our autumn-ready colour guide for a truly cosy home.

Pumpkin Spice

Deep and dark shades of orange are a fantastic choice for home décor. In fact terracotta shade was named one of the colours of the year 2024! Orange stimulates your appetite and adds warmth, so it’s a good choice for a dining room or kitchen, but you can also bring this warmth to other rooms for a stylish contemporary style with a modern twist.

What to pair Pumpkin Spice with: cream, olive green, reds and browns, or pop next to bold purples

Aubergine Bake

Purple, especially with warm undertones instantly creates the feeling of cosiness. Purple is known as the colour of royalty, so for an elegant living room or bedroom, no shade can do better justice. Moreover, purple is associated with a wealth of wonderful emotions from depth and creativity to fantasy in colour psychology, so you can instantly create a statement with purple wallcoverings, fabrics & homeware.

What to pair Aubergine with: greys and neutrals on walls and teal for contrast

Sweet Ochre

Golden leaves are a symbol of changing seasons, also making it a signature Autumn shade. Ochre makes a perfect warm base for a more modern, eclectic room and can be paired with a variety of other tones. Choose deep yellow shades for your home to instantly create an impact while keeping your interiors cosy and welcoming.

What to pair Ochre with: white, cream and grey, plus shades of blue such as periwinkle, denim blue, or teal

Holly Wreath

Just because the trees are changing colours, it doesn’t mean green disappears. Think holly leaves and rich sage – deep and cosy shades of green that pair perfectly with wooden furniture. Green in interior design can mean tranquillity, good luck, and health. Green is often used in decorating for its calming effect, as well as because it pairs so well with other colours.

What to pair Holly with: monochromatic charcoal & white for modern finish, or wood and gold for warmer, traditional style

Morris Co. Emery Walkers House Wallpaper Collection Bird Madder Weld MEWW217195 2

Cranberry Tart

Deep shades of red immediately come to mind when thinking about autumn home decor. The red colour scheme will enliven an interior and add energy, and when designing your cosy home ready – pick warm, deep tones that aren’t too stimulating. If you’re unsure how to bring red to your home, start with small pops of red in cushions, botanical prints & accent walls.

What to pair Cranberry with: cooler colours for a dynamic effect, also well complemented by gold and brown

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