Conservatory blinds & shutters

Upgrade your conservatory

Imagine a bright and vibrant space, letting you soak up the sun’s rays from the comfort of your own home. Add a pristine finishing touch to your conservatory with made-to-measure shutters & blinds that have so much going for them…

Why it’s worth the investment?

Conservatories, orangeries, or modern glass rooms are a great way to extend your home and make the most of the views. However, they can get uncomfortably hot in summer and feel cold in winter making the space less useable. But, by choosing the right window shades, you can reduce these extremes of temperature.

Enjoy your conservatory all year round!

Conservatory Blinds

The unique honeycomb structure of Duette Shades traps air inside to provide excellent insulation all year round. And they are so effective at retaining the warmth, you may not have to switch your heating on as much – meaning you could reduce your heating bills.

Duette & Plisse conservatory shades also come in Day & Night options that cleverly combine a sheer fabric for daytime light filtering with a room-darkening fabric option for evening privacy.

Get creative with colour

Conservatories and glass rooms often have windows in different shapes, sizes, and opening methods.

Don’t worry as we offer custom blinds for virtually every window, door, and roof light openings so you can create a cohesive look in your new conservatory.

Conservatory Shutters

No matter what size or shape, your conservatory can enjoy an instant makeover with bespoke shutters.

Traditionally cold in winter and hot in the summer, conservatory usage can be influenced by fluctuating temperatures. This is where shutters really come into their own, as you can continue to enjoy the view while taking control of the light and warmth.

Helping to bring the outdoors inside, conservatories are a home feature designed to make the most of the light. So why not control the light with a practical, stunning style statement and enjoy watching your garden all year long?

We have the best choice of materials, from hardwoods and waterproof ABS through to intruder resistant aluminium.

Tilt the louvres to suit and control excess heat in the summer, whilst keeping more warmth in during winter. They can be made to fit any space and give you ultimate control over privacy and light, helping to protect your furnishings from the sun’s glare.

Key benefits

Reduces fading effect of direct sunlight

Control sunlight from all directions


Maintain privacy

Additional home insulation

Look as good from the outside as inside

Variety of colours & finishes available

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Finish the look

Give your space a brand new look! We offer a variety of outdoor & garden themed fabrics for conservatory furnishings & curtains. Take advantage of our full make measure and fit service & transform your conservatory into the space of your dreams.

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