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Curtain Pole Trends we love in 2024

In the realm of interior design, it’s often the smallest details that make the most significant impact. While choosing the perfect curtains is undoubtedly crucial, the often-overlooked curtain poles can make or break the entire look. These unsung heroes of home decor not only support your curtains but also add a touch of style and […]

Conservatory blinds & shutters

Upgrade your conservatory Imagine a bright and vibrant space, letting you soak up the sun’s rays from the comfort of your own home. Add a pristine finishing touch to your conservatory with made-to-measure shutters & blinds that have so much going for them… Conservatory Blinds The unique honeycomb structure of Duette Shades traps air inside to provide […]

What curtain pole should I get?

Choosing the right pole for your curtain is essential, not just for aesthetics but also functionality! Finding the right one might be tricky, so here is our guide for choosing the right curtain pole for your space. Measure your windows Ensure you measure the width of your windows – the ideal curtain pole should extend […]

Which window dressing is the best for your home decor?

From hand-made curtains and blinds to shutters and poles – at Closs & Hamblin we offer a vast array of bespoke made to measure window dressings. But which one would look the best in your home? Read our guide for an instant inspiration & choose the perfect window treatment to compliment your style! Clean & […]

Autumn Colours for a Cosy Home Decor

The leaves are beginning to change colours, the long nights are drawing in, and the air gets more crispy… Autumn is here. It’s a perfect opportunity to bring rich tones to your home with our autumn-ready colour guide for a truly cosy home. Pumpkin Spice Deep and dark shades of orange are a fantastic choice […]

2024 Colour Trends for Home Décor

Colour trends are a great starting point for inspiration. They set exciting foundations and can influence your new home décor direction. So whether you’re a new homeowner looking for a completely new look, or if you simply seek new elements to make your home feel more exciting – keep reading for the 2024 colour forecast […]

5 Outdoor Decor Styles to try this summer!

Sunny weather makes it hard to stay indoors, so it’s the perfect time to elevate your outdoor space! If you’re looking for ideas how to make your outdoors more aesthetical and welcoming – we’ve collected 5 decor styles you can bring to your patio, garden, conservatory or balcony! Night in Morocco Moroccan design features abundance […]

PT Nimbus Straw Plain Curtain Fabric

Curtain Heading Tapes Explained

There are many different types of heading tapes that you can use when making curtains. Each one creates a different style of curtain from traditional to contemporary. Some are also more suited to certain types of fabrics than others. It can get quite confusing when faced with lots of different options so here is a quick […]

closs and hamblin 2023 colour forecast

New Home Colours – See the colour of the year 2023!

Do you want to know what colour will be trending in 2023? Maybe you’re thinking about redecorating your old space to look more modern, or maybe you hope to find your forever home next year and are collecting inspiration… Let’s take a look at the forecast collected from home industry experts for the trendiest colours […]

New Home Interior Trends for 2022/23 You Will Love!

Just as fashion changes with each season, interior design also faces new trends & themes, often dictated by social events. If you want to amaze with your space while entertaining or simply seek inspiration to uplift your home, it’s worth keeping an eye out for what’s in. Read below our curated list of this season’s […]