Which window dressing is the best for your home decor?

From hand-made curtains and blinds to shutters and poles – at Closs & Hamblin we offer a vast array of bespoke made to measure window dressings. But which one would look the best in your home?

Read our guide for an instant inspiration & choose the perfect window treatment to compliment your style!

Clean & minimal

If your home features clean, Scandinavian style you don’t want to add too much weight to your windows. Choose minimal, modern and polished blinds in natural tones to add practical solution for privacy and light control with clean style.

Most designs trends are subject to fashion. But what makes Scandinavian style so timeless is the clean lines and classic neutral tones. Natural textures and bright decor creates a sense of tidiness and organization. That’s why clean lines of blinds fit perfectly with any minimal space, while upholding the timeless practicality. Opt in for motorized blinds to control them remotely for even more practical approach.

✔ Timeless design

✔ Minimal aesthetic

✔ Motorised version available

Colourful Eclectic

In 2023 we saw a rise in dopamine-popping colourful homes. The idea behind this style is to create a happy space & expressing owners personality. That’s why bespoke curtains are a perfect match – offering the biggest selection of fabrics, prints, textures, prints & trims. Here you can really get creative and add a truly unique accent to your colourful home.

Adding colour to your home is one of the easiest ways to bring more joy to your life. 

Hoxton Mini Press

Discover the whole world of curtain fabrics and show off your unique personality with made to measure curtains. Our team will help you with everything, from measuring to installation – all you need to do it to let your creativity flow!

✔ Fully bespoke

✔ Over 25,000 fabrics

✔ Blackout & thermal available

Vintage & rustic

From French vintage to rustic British countryside – this style instantly creates welcoming and home-y atmosphere. Wooden shutters are a perfect option for this style – the create rustic finish while being extremely practical for any window shape. From full height to cafe style – wooden shutters can add a traditional touch to your country home.

From vintage fabrics to rustic wood furniture, country home aesthetic is all about beloved things and slow living. If you want to accentuate your existing window features, such as stained glass, then café style shutters are the choice for you.

✔ Variety of colour choices

✔ UV protection

✔ Low maintenance

Midcentury Modern

One of the most popular décor styles, as it encapsulates use of colour and modern shapes but in a more classic way. Midcentury style incorporates a lot of wood, so light sheer curtains and blinds can help balance the space and reduce some of the heaviness. Get creative and layer for extra light control and decorative impact.

This design style prioritized clean and straight lines, often with gentle curves to create a sleek look.

Real Simple

Sheer fabrics allow to not only control the privacy without loosing the sunlight, but also help shift focus on your stunning midcentury furniture. Pastel colours help diffuse the light while still keeping the room bright and modern.

✔ Variety of colour choices

✔ Allows sunlight

✔ Perfect for layering

Glitz & Glamour

Glamour style is characterized as ornate and extravagant, striking the perfect balance between excess and elegance. If your home features glamorous velvets and damasks with a lot of sparkle, rich and opulent set of curtains can help the space feel ever more sophisticated.

Choose more complex heading style, such as goblet pleat to add a decadent feel to your curtains. You can also choose fringe style trims to really lean into the royalty aesthetic of glamour style. Heavy fabrics are also perfect for blackout and thermal linings offering your home more energy saving options.

Choosing the right window treatments is about what works for you and is practical day-to-day, but also looks cohesive and interesting with your home. The right window covering can help the space look more finished, while helping you keep your energy bills down and provide the right level of light and privacy control.

If you’re unsure what product is perfect for your home – get in touch! Our expert staff will be thrilled to show you all our designs and help pick the right product for your needs.

Interested in our full Hand-Made to Measure & Fitting Service?

We offer a full Measure, Make and Fit service, alternatively, you can measure your windows & submit your measurements for a quote.

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