What curtain pole should I get?

Choosing the right pole for your curtain is essential, not just for aesthetics but also functionality! Finding the right one might be tricky, so here is our guide for choosing the right curtain pole for your space.

Measure your windows

Ensure you measure the width of your windows – the ideal curtain pole should extend beyond the width to ensure the curtains stack back properly, allowing more light into the room when the curtains are open. Good amount to add is 25cm on each side.

We offer FREE measuring service for our bespoke clients and we can help you ensure the best fit and look, regardless of the shape of your windows.

Curtain poles for bay windows? Use our handy guide to measure any kind of bay window!

Consider curtain weight

Heavy curtains require sturdy and durable curtain poles. If your curtains are lightweight, you can opt for lighter and more decorative options. Additionally, heavy curtains look more balanced with wider and heavier poles.

Common pole sizes range from 19mm to 60mm in variety of lengths.

Curtain poles or curtain tracks?

Curtain poles offer more variety in designs and colours, offering more aesthetic finish to your curtains.

Curtain tracks often come in white only, designed to be purely functional, ensuring the focus is on your curtains.

Can’t decide between them? Choose our best-selling Silent Gliss tracks!

Our metal made to measure curtain track is discreet, efficient and long lasting and available in a range of different colours and finishes. This track offers the practicality of curtain track while resembling the look of a metal curtain pole.

Choose the right material

Curtain poles come in various materials, each has its own aesthetic and practical considerations.

  • Wooden Poles: Add warmth and a classic look. Suitable for traditional and rustic interiors.
  • Metal Poles: Contemporary and versatile, they come in various finishes like chrome, brass, and matte black.
  • Plastic Poles: Budget-friendly, but may lack the durability of wood or metal.

Pole accessories

Don’t forget to find the perfect accessories for your curtain pole. From matching brackets that can support the weight to, depending on curtain heading, rings.

Pick the perfect finials

Finials are the decorative ends of your curtain that make it look finished and decorative. You can choose between minimal and sleek designs, and highly ornamented large finials, either matching or contrasting the pole colour. We offer a vast array of finials and can help you choosing the best ones for your curtains.

Ready to buy?

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We offer solutions for any window layout and have a variety of wooden & metal poles and tracks to order. Colour, diameter and finials can all be customised to suit your requirements and taste. Learn more about bespoke curtain poles.

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