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Curtain Heading Tapes Explained

There are many different types of heading tapes that you can use when making curtains. Each one creates a different style of curtain from traditional to contemporary. Some are also more suited to certain types of fabrics than others. It can get quite confusing when faced with lots of different options so here is a quick guide to help…

Rufflette is the most common brand of tape used and they have an extensive range covering many different heading options. C & H stock a few of the most popular types as well as our own brand of tapes – both offer a high quality, professional finish to your curtains.


pencil pleat banner

Pencil pleat is easily the most used heading on curtains and there are a lot of tapes available depending on the effect you want to achieve. The standard 3″/76mm depth has three woven pockets for variable hook position and you pull the strings at the back to create the gather. Deeper and shorter tapes are also available depending on the length and weight of your curtains.

If you want to change the heading of your net curtains in order to use a curtain track, we also offer a clear pencil pleat heading tape which you simply need to sew on.

Browse our ready made pencil pleat curtains.


pinch pleat tech drawing

Pinch pleat heading lends a more traditional finish to your curtains and while you can use buckrams to hand make this effect, the easiest way to create this look is by using a heading tape. When gathered, the tape forms perfect pleats, evenly spaced apart.


eyelet curtains 2

For a more contemporary effect, Rufflette offers eyelet tape and rings. This tape is easy to sew on and for use with curtain poles up to 28mm diameter. The eyelet rings come in a range of finishes and give a clean, crisp look to your drapes.

Browse our ready made eyelet curtains.

I hope this guide helps you to choose the right heading and tape for your curtains, but if you are still unsure, don’t forget to ask one of our experts in store – they can advise in full on these and other heading options.

If you require further help with selecting the best heading to your curtains, book a FREE consultation with our expert staff today!

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