2024 Colour Trends for Home Décor

Colour trends are a great starting point for inspiration. They set exciting foundations and can influence your new home décor direction. So whether you’re a new homeowner looking for a completely new look, or if you simply seek new elements to make your home feel more exciting – keep reading for the 2024 colour forecast guide!

How did we find these colours? Two renowned organizations, WGSN and Coloro predict key colours based on a market research and meditation on current socioeconomical climate. The five showcased hues are a window to the future of colour and will emerge everywhere – from fashion & tech to home décor. Get ahead of the curve & find your next colour inspirations!

Cyber Lime

Cyber Lime is a punchy near neon that exerts and energises the body and mind. This zesty lime is a perfect gender neutral colour, especially popular within younger home DIY-ers, creating exciting accent colour that uplifts any space. Cyber Lime is all about relationship between nature and technology, making it great for home office space. Shop for independent, modern brands like Ohpopsi & Orla Kiely for more lime tones.

Symbolism: nature, freshness, health, growth and luck.

How to style it: neons are strikingly strong colours, but you can balance them with neutrals for a calmer look. Mix with modern, geometric designs and natural wood to create a luxurious, contemporary aesthetic.

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Elemental Blue

Elemental Blue confirms the continuation of refined mid-tone colors that speak of a slowed-down lifestyle and increased sensory awareness. This practical colour represents balance in life, and suits a minimalist aesthetic. Its calming power makes it a perfect choice for bedroom. Shop for classically romantic brands like Laura Ashley & Morris & Co who often use this shade.

Symbolism: trust, truth, wisdom and stability

How to style it: The dusky tone of this blue makes it a perfect neutral tone that can be paired with stronger colours, as well as shades of beige and tan. Lean in to organic shapes and heritage designs that turn this shade into all-time favourite classic.

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Nutshell is a soft, warm brown, perfect for cottage style homes – ideal for kitchens & conservatories, as it bring to mind modern farmhouse aesthetic. A rich and spicy brown, Nutshell is a transseasonal colour that evokes warmth, nostalgia and reassurance. It’s often used to express admiration for timeless design and craftsmanship, championed by heritage brands like Morris & Co and Sanderson.

Symbolism: nature, sustainability, authenticity, simplicity and dependability

How to style it: Brown is the ultimate neutral shade that pairs well with plethora of décor styles, both modern and traditional. Contrast it with navy in revamp retro style, or pair with warm tones for Moroccan aesthetic and Eastern charm.

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Radiant Red

Radiant Red is a sweet and playful summer hue with a delectable quality. It confirms the importance of stimulating and emotionally engaging colours that morph effortlessly between physical and digital realms. This red feels light and youthful, yet its optimistic – making it a perfect accent colour for living rooms, where the energy flow is important.

Symbolism: love, power, strength and passion

How to style it: Red this intense might be intimidating on its own, so use it as an accent colour with light neutrals, like white & taupe. Red reads very modern, so contemporary and futuristic patterns will pair better, than cottage & retro.

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Fondant Pink

This ultra feminine and inherently sweet shade is a modern take on pink in home décor. With added purple hues, this shade is all about playful, romantic influences, making it perfect for bedrooms & studies. Small doses of awe have the power to calm anxiety & improve well-being making it one of the most important key colour trends of 2024. Pink is shifting to gender neutrality within the new generation of homeowners, bringing this playful tone to homes. Look for dopamine popping brands like Cath Kidston for inspiration.

Symbolism: unconditional love, self-care, sympathy and compassion. 

How to style it: Pink can be balanced with contrasted colours of green & teal for more gender neutral style, while pairing it with purple and white will keep it feminine. Use it as an all-over colour for modern interior, and even paint upcycled furniture for extra statement design.

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  1. Irene Madrid

    I FINALLY remodeled/redecorated my home using my strong intuition…my fav soft pinks, teals, greens and whites. Rewallpapered EVERY room, switched out x’s blah backsplash with handcrafted teal mermaid tail tiles…amazing with my wraparound almond cabinets with Etsy ceramic pulls on pink/gold/ivory. Blush chaise/stools in dinette w/ oversized Anthro sofa. Antiques mix with traditional/mod elements. Velvet peacock chaise sofa faces an Anthro CURVED emerald green/teal sofa with a variety of style chairs, giant round coffee table. My bedroom is a boudoir w/soft white wallpaper w/ watercolor magnolias in pinks, greens, gold yellow and lace/roses border. Crystal chandeliers abound with whimsical lamps. Mackenzie reindeer and jeweled tickets are scattered about for the children to find. I drape gel;vet/lace over railings, chairs and shades for extra color. LIFE IS COLOR! Elephant, romantic and whimsical…and so ME! I get raves for my Maximalist sanctuary.

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