How to hang curtains – pleated

Pleated curtains are a stunning window dressing solution for your home. The gathers complete the look and create a sophisticated finish. Unlike eyelet curtains, pleat headers offer even folds in either pencil, goblet or pinch pleat style.

Before we get started, make sure that the curtains will fit when gathered as the pencil pleats can reduce the width of the curtain by up to half of its width. Curtains can’t be returned if the strings have been pulled.

Choose a curtain size that is the same width as the full length of your pole when it is ungathered.

If your curtains have visible folds from the packaging, gently iron them. Be sure to check the care label for temperature and guidance.

If you can’t iron them don’t worry the fold will soon disappear after a while.

Start by securing all cords at one end of the header tape by knotting them together. At the unsecured end, hold the loose cords and gently pull them. Push the header tape along the cord as you go, to gather your curtain. You will need to even out the pleats to get a uniform look. The more evenly you do this the more even the end result will be.

Once you are happy with the look and width is half the pole width, knot the strings on the loose end to keep them in place. Tuck the leftover cord inside the pleat – Don’t cut them just in case you need to change the width, and also for easy cleaning later.

Next attach the curtain hooks along the header tape at equal intervals, ensuring you have an even number on each curtain.

Now attach the hooks through the eye of the pole rings, or onto the gliders if you have a curtain track.

For even pleats, tease your curtains into position by running your fingers through the fabric to create neat even folds. Try tying a string at the top, middle and bottom leaving for 24 hours, this will keep the fabric falls looking just perfect.