How to achieve Instant Blackout Curtains

After another cold and gloomy winter, the longer and brighter days are finally here. Sounds great but not when you’re trying to catch some well-deserved sleep. Sunrise arrives much earlier meaning that unless your windows are sunlight proofed with blackout curtains & blinds, daylight might disturb your sleep and affect your sleeping pattern during the warmer months. Adding layers is a great option with blinds and curtains too, this is also a great style idea

Benefits of blackout curtains

Improve your sleep

Reduce heat loss

Ultimate privacy control

Reduce noise pollution

At Closs & Hamblin we offer several options – from fully bespoke handmade blackout curtains, to ready-made budget friendly options & fabrics and linings for creating your very own set. These are the essentials when window dressing for the spring and summer seasons when we are bound to get more sunlight spilling into our bedrooms in the mornings. Follow our guide to see how you can sunproof your windows.

Blackout Linings

Our blackout lining helps stop outside light from coming through the curtain fabric. A large selection of thermal & blackout lining are available to add to made to measure window solutions such as handmade curtains, roman blinds, and roller blinds.

We also offer ready-made blackout lining curtains with additional thermal qualities. Simply attach them to your existing curtains using the pencil pleat heading to keep light out or couple with eyelet curtains using hidden hooks that are sold separately. It is ideal for bedroom windows, the luxury 3 pass lining also keeps your room warm in colder temperatures and cool in Summer.

We offer a variety of blackout linings – visit your local showroom to see the full range, or shop online.

How to attach blackout lining to ready-made curtains?

Ready-made blackout curtain linings can be fixed to a set of curtains without any need for sewing, and are suitable for use with both eyelet and pencil pleat heading curtains. You simply fasten the linings to the curtains using the rings and hooks available at many on-line store. It really couldn’t be simpler!

What you might need:

There are a couple of things you’ll need to turn your existing curtains into blackout curtains:

  • A small step ladder to take down and put up your curtains
  • A clear flat surface like a large table or a clean floor
  • Your ready-made blackout curtains linings 
  • Curtain rings or hooks 
  • An Iron if you want to lightly iron out any creases to the fabric, which are made when the fabric is folded

All the necessary accessories are available in our showrooms.

Pencil Pleat

  1. Begin by laying your pencil pleat curtains face down on a flat surface. Ideally, there should be no gathering or pleats present, so if your pencil pleat curtains have been hung previously we advise you to loosen the gathered cords and flatten out the heading tape. Place the lining on top of the curtain, with both header tapes facing each other.
  2. Using the curtain hooks, insert them into the lining tape pockets and then into the bottom pockets of the curtain tape.
  3. Pull each curtain hook so the downward arm of the hook lies over the face side of the lining.
  4. If you did not loosen the cords and flatten the heading tape in step 1, unfasten the cords at one end of both curtain and lining, and knot them securely together. Then unpick the cord at the opposite end, evenly gathering the tape until the required width is reached. Tie any surplus cord length close to the edges of the tape to hold the curtain in position. Make sure you tie a loop that can be undone easily when you want to clean your curtains and linings.


  1. Remove your curtains from the pole and lay them face down on a flat surface. Place the lining on top of the curtain with the header tape facing towards you. Insert your curtain hooks into the header tape pockets as shown.
  2. Leaving your eyelet curtains lying on the flat surface, thread your curtain pole through, and inserting two curtain rings between each pair of eyelets as shown. They should match up with where the curtain hooks have been inserted.
  3. Turn the lining panel over so the header tape is face down and attach the hooks onto the curtain rings as shown. Fit your eyelet curtains at the window, and adjust the placement of your curtain hooks on the header tape if necessary, to improve their positioning and drape.

Bespoke Blackout Curtains

Let us take care of your window dressings & make the perfect blackout curtains for you! Simply choose the perfect fabric and we will add high quality lining to ensure your curtains are either blackout or even thermal!

Skip the headache of creating your own blackout curtains & try bespoke today.

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Ready Made Blackout Curtains

If you’re looking for ready to hang blackout curtains, we offer several options in a variety of sizes – few clicks away from offering better light control in your home!

Please note: ready made curtains might not offer a total blackout due to how they are hung. Pair with blinds for better results.

If you’re handy with a sewing machine we offer blackout linings for you to stitch onto your favourite curtains – visit your local showroom to see the full range, or shop online.

For even better blackout

For the best results and the ultimate blackout we recommend adding blinds under your curtains. That extra layer can provide even more light control & insulation, as well as smart motorised technology. We offer made to measure blackout blinds with a high quality linings and can advise you on the best design for layering.

Interested in our full Hand Made to Measure & Fitting Service?

We offer a full Measure, Make and Fit service, alternatively, you can measure your windows & submit your measurements for a quote.