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Showing all 24 results

‘The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.’

Inspired by the visionary artist and environmentalist, William Morris at Home is a new lifestyle brand offering sustainable and vegan beauty and accessories for the home. Designed to enjoy whilst fitting harmoniously in every home. In the true spirit of William Morris.

The brand’s vegan formulations use kind-to-skin ingredients inspired by nature. Camelina Satvia oil is soothing and softening on even the most sensitive skin. Skin-conditioning Moringa Leaf extract is rich in minerals and vitamins A and C whilst Calendula is known for its calming properties. Bespoke fragrances are blended with essential oils to uplift and calm. Designed so you can treat yourself and enjoy every moment.

Shop our curation celebrating the incredible life and work of William Morris. You can now enjoy the insatiable art at home, or gift it to your loved ones!