Shutter Materials

shutter materials

We are truly passionate about our shutter materials and the woods they are made from, which is why we only use carefully selected shutter materials to provide our customers with the widest range and the highest quality made-to-measure plantation shutters available in the UK. The materials our plantation shutters are made from effects the number of paint and stain colours available, the number of hinged panels that can be used to cover a window space, the number of louvre sizes available and the rooms they are most suited for and therefore by reading the following pages for each product in our range, you’ll gain a better understanding of which product within our range would be most suitable to meet your requirements.

Our shutters come in a range of materials to suit every budget, style and taste. Manufactured to exceptionally high standards. Please see below our range broken down into sections feel free to read through and explore our options that are available with each of our products you’ll also be able to tell what the limitations are of each range.

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Crafted from durable, corrosion resistant aluminium with a patented locking mechanism, the Portchester range is an elegant alternative to other security products.

Key features
  • Patented Italian lock
  • Choice of 3 standard and custom colour option
  • Silent tilt mechanism
  • 89mm louvres
  • Hinged, bi-fold and by-pass styles
java shutters


Crafted from ABS, a high-grade plastic with both hard and lightweight qualities. Fully moisture resistant, it is ideal for rooms that have condensation or chance of exposure to water.

Key features
  • Water resistant shutter best suited for Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Choice of 12 beautiful colours and custom colour option
  • Available in 5 louvre sizes ranging from 47mm to 114mm
  • Limited special shapes
fiji shutters


Made from a stable and quick growing timber, our Fiji shutters are favoured by people looking for a classic wood stained look. Suitable for all special shapes and solid panels.

Key features
  • Ideal if you like natural textures
  • Choice of 30 paint colours and 18 stain colours, as well as custom paint option
  • Sustainable hardwood
  • Available in 5 louvre sizes ranging from 47mm to 114mm
cuba shutters


These shutters are made with a MDF frame and real hardwood shutter panels.

Key features
  • Real Hardwood Panels
  • Choice of 12 Stylish Colours and custom colour option
  • Available in 4 Louvre Sizes ranging from 47mm to 89mm
  • Suitable for Larger Windows and Spaces
bermuda shutters 1


A painted MDF shutter with louvres crafted from ABS, helping reduce the weight, and delivering a more natural finish than Antigua.

Key features
  • Choice of 12 colours available and 10 optional hinge colours
  • Available in 5 louvre sizes ranging from 47mm to 114mm
  • 5 style options available
antigua shutters


Our most popular shutters made from high density MDF with an extruded polypropylene coating. Antigua offers limited choices in terms of colour, shape and finish.

Key features
  • Choice of 9 popular shades
  • Available in 5 louvre sizes ranging from 47mm to 114mm
  • Not suitable for large installations or special shapes