5 Outdoor Decor Styles to try this summer!

Sunny weather makes it hard to stay indoors, so it’s the perfect time to elevate your outdoor space! If you’re looking for ideas how to make your outdoors more aesthetical and welcoming – we’ve collected 5 decor styles you can bring to your patio, garden, conservatory or balcony!

Night in Morocco

Moroccan design features abundance of warm colours and geometric shapes, combined together they offer a creative and stylish space full of character and personality. This style is pretty easy and fun to create at home!

Get creative with mixing multiple cushion patterns, add a bold rug and finish with warm paint colours to design your own Moroccan space

Moroccan design is all about mixing patterns and textures with fluid lines, drawing inspirations from the Moorish design of the East and from the shapes and colors of the rolling sands of the desert.

Get inspired by earthy tones and indulge yourself in exotic themes for a stunning garden decor.

Boho Neutrals

Boho style is a free-spirited aesthetic that mixes different cultures and artistic expressions into an eclectic style with an emphasis on organic elements and nature. 


Bohemian style took over our homes with neutral, minimal spin that offers a cosy yet very chic decor. Boho feels very natural and clean, making it perfect for conservatories and patios.

It’s no wonder it’s a popular choice for outdoor spaces! Opt in for light neutral shades, modern prints and natural materials to create this aesthetic in your outdoor space.

British Countryside

Countyside decor, or cottagecore, it definitely the most cosy, welcoming and warm design out there! While it looks very lived in, it also offers a beautiful finish to your garden or patio.

The best way to create this style in your space, is to choose British heritage brands, such as Morris & Co or Laura Ashley. Ornamented with botanical prints in muted colours, these patterns can be mixed together to offer a “messy” look that is all about comfort and slow-living.

Finish your space with wildflowers and wall art to introduce soft, romantic details for extra impact.

Moody Luxury

Dark tones and futuristic shapes offer a very sophisticated and polished look that will elevate your garden, patio, or any outdoor space.

Focus on high quality solid fabrics, dark woodwork and furniture, while keeping furnishing minimal and monochromatic to achieve this clean look.

This trend is all about less, while keeping your decor very industrial and modern. A coat of black paint on your window frames can help shift focus to bespoke cushions and luxurious furniture. Finish the space with grand wall clocks and giant plant pots to make the space feel more expensive.

Love Story

If you love being surrounded by flowers & pastel colours – romantic decor is for you!

Soft colours, decorative wall art & freshly cut flowers in ornamented glassware is a way to go. Don’t be afraid to use sophisticated pink exterior paint. And if pink isn’t your colour – sage green, or dusky bronze is a perfect alternative.

This style is reminiscent of favourite book love stories, so Victorian elements and Laura Ashley‘s floral patterns are welcomed!

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